Shop on to Benefit FOPAL

You can make a painless contribution to Friends of the Palo Alto Library by using this link amazon_21 to (also on our home page).

As an Amazon affiliate we receive a small percentage (4-6% depending on total volume) of every purchase made by anyone who initially enters the Amazon site through our link.

So, even if you are buying items that are totally unrelated to books, you can help Friends of the Palo Alto Library by taking the extra step of entering Amazon through the link on our web site. Most of the things you can order directly through Amazon, including toys, music, vitamins, gift certificates, etc., will result in a credit for Friends of the Palo Alto Library each time you use our link.

And don’t worry: Amazon still knows that it is you, still recognizes all the specifics of your personal Amazon account, and doesn’t charge any more for the things you are buying.

This is not meant to discourage you from patronizing your local bookstore or library, but we know that many of you enjoy the convenience of ordering from the huge selection available through Amazon.

Try it out the next time you are planning to buy something from Amazon!  amazon_21


Friends of the Palo Alto Public Library