We are hoping to move all our August plans to September. But seeing the COVID numbers escalating dramatically just three weeks from August 8, we have decided for everyone’s safety to cancel the August sale. If there is a turn around we will have the same sale September 12 and 13. Dr. Fauci thinks there could be an improvement, but it depends on people being careful. Here is what he just said in the Atlantic Monthly, “But states that are in trouble right now, if those states pause and say, ‘Okay, we’re going to do it right, everyone wear a mask, bars closed, no congregating in crowds, keep your distance, protect the vulnerable’—if we do that for a few weeks in a row, I’ll guarantee you those numbers will come down.”

For now we will keep the time slots as they are and see if we can transfer to September. Anyone with a reservation can cancel by emailing


We are switching to a new schedule beginning August 10. You have been so generous that we must pause accepting donations. Please read our donation guidelines before you bring materials to us.

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