Free Books from FOPAL


Teachers and Non-Profits Get Free Books from BARGAIN ROOM on Sunday After Sale

From 4-6 pm on Sunday at the conclusion of each monthly FOPAL booksale, any teacher or individual associated with a nonprofit organization can select any amount of books FOR FREE from our Bargain Room. Just bring your own boxes and bags. Also bring some kind of proof of nonprofit affiliation.

Every month the Bargain Room offers many paperbacks and hardcovers in every possible genre, e.g. bestsellers, action and spy-novels, murder mysteries, fantasy and science fiction, business and investing books, classics, history, military history. We never sell them all by the end of the sale, so there will always find plenty to choose from.  The Bargain Room also contains children’s bargain books from preschool to early teens.  All our books are sorted and shelved by subject areas/genres.

Free Giveaway for Everyone – Monday Night After Sale

From 6-8 pm on Monday following our monthly FOPAL booksale, ANYONE who would like FREE BOOKS may come and take away from the Bargain Room as many paperback and hardcover books, record albums, VHS, CDs, DVDs, children’s books as they can carry. No nonprofit affiliation is required. Be sure to bring enough bags and boxes.