August 2020 Book Sale

Our first sale since February will be August 8 and 9 for Members only in the Main Room on Saturday from 9am to 4pm and in the Children’s Room from 10am to 4pm. There will be no membership renewals or sign-ups at the sale. The Bargain Room will be closed on Saturday. There will be no sales to other than members on Saturday. On Sunday from 11am to 4pm there will be a bag sale for books as well as individual sales of books and LPs in the Bargain Room for any customers with advance sign-up as to a time. The Main, Bargain, and Children’s rooms will be open on Sunday from 11 to 4 for all customers, also with advance time sign-up. There will be no outside sales, thus no art, ephemera or dollar books at this sale.

In order to limit the number of people in the sale rooms, we will require all customers to sign up in advance for a time slot. Beginning on July 15 at 9am there will be a sign-up application on our website (linked from our home page) for customers to pick a specified time slot. There will be hour slots during the first two hours of the Members sale in the Main Room for Life Members and Sponsors, then half hour slots for other members for the remainder of the sale on Saturday. The sign-ups will be closed on August 5 at 5pm to give us time to check on membership status for Saturday slots and prepare entry lists for the sale. FOPAL must receive a new membership application or renewal by August 1; include email and phone number in case of a question. If you want to hasten the membership application process, you can use the online payment portal Network For Good to join/renew membership.

Life Members and Sponsors may purchase up to 100 books. Other members may purchase up to 25 books per membership except Family Members may purchase up to 25 items for each of two adult members at a time.

Life and Sponsor members will be allowed to shop for 50 minutes during the first two time slots for the Main room. Thereafter and in other rooms customers will have about 25 minutes and then exit the building to reach the cashiers. For all buildings, customers will enter one door and exit another.

Some antiseptic cleaning will be done inside the building before the next tranche of customers will be admitted. We will also require customers to review the health screening form before entering and to fill in a contact tracing sheet upon entering.

The usual post-sale free nights in the Bargain Room – Sunday night from 4pm to 6pm for nonprofits and Monday for all from 6pm to 8pm – will take place. We will however be limiting numbers of people in the room and length of time spent in the room to permit our customers to keep some distance.

FOPAL looks forward to greeting its customers once again.