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July 8
10 am - 4 pm
Main Room opens at 11 am
July 9
1 pm - 4 pm

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4000 Middlefield Road
Palo Alto
Northwest corner of the Cubberley Community Center

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Main Book Room Sale
In our Main Room, prices are way below what used book stores charge.  Paperbacks are 50 cents and up, and hardcovers are $1.00 and up.  Numbered tickets for the Main Room are given out beginning at 8 am on Saturday.  These reserve your place in the line that forms before the 11 am opening.  Each person may pick up one or two tickets.

Children's Books in K6
Room K6 in the K wing (see map) is entirely filled with children's books and toys.  You'll find picture books, school age fiction, award winners, non-English titles, and books for parents and teachers, many for under $1.  This room and the Bargain Room open at 10 am on Saturday.

Bargain Books in K7
Next door in K7 is the Bargain Room, where paperbacks are 50 cents, hardcovers are $1.00, and children's books are just 25 cents each.  Pay just half of that in the Bargain Room after 12:30 pm on Saturday and all day on Sunday.  On Sunday, you can also buy grocery bags in the Bargain Room for $5 and fill them with books.

Thank You Piazza's
You may know Piazza Supermarket as the grocery store just to the north of our booksale, where you can get coffee or something from their deli counter.  They are also a great supporter of our sale, providing us with grocery bags for customers' purchases, especially for the Sunday bag sale at the Bargain Room.  More than once, they've even helped us out in the middle of a sale when we found ourselves running out of bags.
Name Those Books
Win a $25 gift certificate for Hobee's Restaurant by submitting the best (funniest, cleverest, or most appropriate) pair of names for the two books in our Friends of the Palo Alto Library logo.  You've seen the logo many times, including at the top of this page.
Enter below as many times as you wish, but only up through Sunday, July 16.  Our publicity committee will judge all entries, pick the winner, and present the results in our August issue!  Thanks go to Hobee's Restaurant for their generous support of our sale.

Here's what to call the left and right books in the Friends of the Palo Alto Library logo:

My name:

My email address:

Downtown Library to Close for Construction
The Downtown Library will be closed on Tuesday, July 18 and Wednesday, July 18 for construction.  More information.
Non-Profit Book Giveaway
Non-profit organizations and schools that need free books should come to the Bargain Room this month from 4 to 6 pm on Sunday, July 9.  Please bring grocery bags to put books into.  More information.

We're always eager to hear your suggestions for ways to improve our book sale.  Please email them to us at or mention them to a volunteer at the sale.
Summertime, and the Browsin' is Easy
So many books have come in since our last sale that our volunteers have been putting in many extra hours sorting and pricing.  We've filled every room and even brought in more shelves, but that still wasn't enough.  So we'll have extra tables and carts full of books for sale outside the Main Room exit ramp, near where ephemera is sold.
Peek at our Bookshelves
Click here to see some of the shelves at this weekend's sale
See some of the interesting books we've received recently and get a head start on this weekend's booksale by clicking here.
Booksale Hits New 12-Month Record
Our booksale has been going gangbusters in the last months.  For the fiscal year ending June 2006, the sale grossed more than $231,400, which is Booksale earnings have risen to over $231,400 annually.20% higher than the previous year.  Over $22,000 of books sold in just June alone, or more than in an entire year a decade ago.  That puts us 20% ahead of the previous year, even though we have the same hours and floor space.  Thanks go to everyone for making this a record year, including customers, donors, volunteers, members, library staff, and the City.
Council OKs Mitchell Park Planning
The Palo Alto City Council voted on June 12 to commission a study of different scenarios for replacing or enlarging the Mitchell Park Library.  At least four options will be explored: replacing the library building, replacing just the adjacent Community Center but adding more space to the library as well, replacing both buildings, and putting a new library in the parking lot on the south before removing the old library.  The study will determine how big the library needs to be and provide estimated construction costs.
Because the city's Public Works Department will be heavily involved with the study, it requested that some other project on its schedule be delayed.  As a result, mechanical improvements to the College Terrace Library will be deferred.
The Mitchell Park library study is part of an overall effort to improve Palo Alto libraries, with funding contingent on a ballot measure slated for June 2008.  The overall plan had been expected to go to the City Council in September, but the Council deferred that until December to allow the Mitchell Park study's results to be included.  See a range of opinions about the library proposals in our recent Foreword newsletter and our previous coverage.
Happy 75th for Assistant Manager
Althea Andersen's 75th Birthday cake, showing her pickup truck with donated books flying out.
Happy 75th Birthday to Althea Andersen, our assistant booksale manager.  Althea is a retired library director and a longtime volunteer at our booksale.  When she's not selling ephemera outside the Main Room or pricing books on the Sports, Transportation, "Old Books," and "Curious Books" shelves, she hauls donated books around in her pickup truck.  That inspired her cake decoration at the surprise birthday party our booksale volunteers held for her.  Photo credit: Ed Rice.
A Million Here, A Million There
We're glad to see our group covered in the July 5 Palo Alto Weekly issue noting Palo Alto's cadre of Friends organizations.  The article, unfortunately, had some significant factual errors.  For example, it states that our endowment fund is $1.3 million.  Actually, the fund is less than $0.3 million and represents just about one year of operations.
The article also states, "City leaders don't know why they don't receive more of [our] donations."  We have actually given over $1,000,000 in recent years to the Palo Alto Library and actively fund numerous programs, large and small.  We have also discussed with library officials possible funding for new initiatives, including the Link+ interlibrary loan system and expanded collections, which was the most requested item by Palo Alto residents in the recent city-wide library survey.
The article goes on to state that we "withdrew funds" from a homework helper program because we didn't like the way "it was run".  The article does explain that the city hadn't been using our past funds as promised to provide actual homework assistance, but rather to manage the sign-up list for computer use.  Unreported was that we nevertheless offered to continue the $20,000 in annual funding but simply asked that the library consult with the school district to help locate a qualified tutor, since the tutor was intended primarily to serve children from the neighboring middle school.  Based on that one additional request, the library director rejected the money and the library tutoring program ceased.
Finally, the article does not mention the conscientious effort we expend to ensure that the money we give to the libraries goes to benefit all the branches and Palo Alto's library patrons.  Grant-making organizations know that responsible giving and accountability are vital to good philanthropy.  It would be irresponsible for us to not exercise care in disbursing the funds we receive from the generosity and combined efforts of our donors, members, customers, and some 140 volunteers.
Free Online Book Recommendations
If you enjoyed reading Boris Pasternak's Doctor Zhivago, you might just like Yevgeny Yevtushenko's Don't Die before You're Dead.  So says the library's new NoveList online service, which takes any novel you enter and leads you to others similar in subject matter, time period, genre, author, style, and so forth.  In this case, both novels are about a cast of characters struggling during a time of grim Russian revolutionary politics.  NoveList contains information on over 135,000 fiction titles with mini-reviews of many, plus has lists of books by genre as an alternative to searching.  Perhaps you'll find your next favorite summer read this way.  Try it right now or go to the library's Resources Online page, scroll down to the Literature & Reading section, and click on NoveList.  You'll need your library card to gain access.
Library Director Transitions
Library Director Paula Simpson is leaving Palo Alto to move to Seattle with her new husband.  There will be a public party for her at the Downtown Library on Friday, July 7 at 3-5 pm, with the refreshments funded by the Friends of the Palo Alto Library.  Meanwhile, the city has hired search firm Library Associates of Beverley Hills to find a successor.  It should come as no surprise to Palo Altans that their job notice stated that the position is for a "highly visible" organization.
Online Journals List
Another new resource helps you find magazines and newspapers across the library's print and online collections.  So when you come across a reference to an old article, this service will help you track down quickly if the library has the full text and where.  Often, you'll be able to read the article immediately online.  This service references some 7,621 periodicals, ranging from AAAS Report to Zoobooks.  To use this service, have your library card ready, go to library's Resources Online page, and click on E-Journal.
Children's Library Construction Continues
The front of the Children's Library under reconstructionWork continues on the expansion and renovation of the Children's Library, shown here from the front between a storage container and a dumpster to haul away debris.  The library is expected to reopen in under two years.  Photo credit: Barbara Silberling.
This notice comes to you from the non-profit organization Friends of the Palo Alto Library.  No trees were felled in the making of this e-mail.  While the Better Business Bureau recommends that no more than 35% of a charitable organization's expenses be for management and fundraising expenses, ours were only 1.9% for our 2004-2005 fiscal year.  In other words, about 98% of the money we raised went to help Palo Alto Library users.  Visit our web site.  Become a member by joining online.

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