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January 14
10 am - 4 pm
Main Room opens at 11 am
January 15
1 pm - 4 pm

Main Book Room Sale
In our main room, prices are way below what used book stores charge.  Paperbacks are 50 cents and up, and hardcovers are $1.00 and up.  Numbered tickets for the main room are given out beginning at 8 am on Saturday.  These reserve your place in the line that forms before the 11 am opening.  Each person may pick up one or two tickets.

Children's Books in K6
Room K6 in the K wing (see map) is entirely filled with children's books and toys.  You'll find picture books, school age fiction, award winners, non-English titles, and books for parents and teachers, many for under $1.  This room and the bargain room open at 10 am.

Bargain Books in K7
Next door in K7 is the bargain room, where paperbacks are 50 cents, hardcovers are $1.00, and children's books are just 25 cents each.  Pay just half of that in the bargain room after 12:30 pm on Saturday and all day on Sunday.  On Sunday, you can also buy grocery bags in the bargain room for $5 and fill them with books.

Featured areas for January:

Art Asian Languages
Cookbooks Egypt
LGBT Science Fiction
And much, much more!

4000 Middlefield Road
Palo Alto
Near the northwest end of the Cubberley Community Center

Room locations

More information on the sales
Donate your old books

All proceeds go to help Palo Alto libraries.

All Palo Alto public libraries will be closed on Monday, January 16 for the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday.  Also, the College Terrace Library will be closed on Saturday, January 14 for electrical panel work.  Come to our booksale instead!
Non-Profit Book Giveaway
We continue to give bargain room books after the sale to non-profit organizations and schools, including organizations that supply books to hurricane Katrina victims.  All non-profits are welcome and can come this month from 4 to 6 pm on Sunday, January 15.  More information.
Year-End Donations Pour In
It happens every December.  Carload upon carload, bin after bin, and endless bags and boxes of donations stream in.  Maybe people are looking for end-of-the-year tax deductions, using vacation time to clean house, or just short on shelf space for all the new books they received as presents.  But it means lots of new donations for us.  In fact, all three of our rooms are completely inundated with newly-arrived books.
Booksale Grew 26%
The totals are in for 2005: the booksale brought in an amazing $209,611 last year.  This is certainly a record and is 26% more than the $166,711 we grossed in 2004.  Part of the increase is because we went from two to three rooms and added Sunday hours in mid-2004.  A huge thank-you goes to our many customers, donors, volunteers, and supporters who make the sales possible.
Free Items at Booksale
There are always some free items that you're welcome to at our sale.  These include empty cardboard boxes outside the north entrance to the Main room, three-ring binders just inside that door, many free hardbound fiction and library postcards at the Main room exit door, and encyclopedias (ask) at the Bargain Room.  Take as many of these items as you wish.

Best Suggestion Winners
Thank you for all the suggestions that poured into our contest last month.  Joseph Lewis of Berkeley won a $25 gift certificate from Hobee's Restaurant for suggesting a very plausible change in our hours that we hope to put in effect.  Tanya Kucek of Palo Alto will receive a free bag of Bargain Room books for her ideas about how we could arrange our sections better.
We're always eager to hear your suggestions for ways to improve our book sale.  Please email them to us at or mention them to a volunteer at the sale.
Consider Volunteering
If you're interesting in joining our lively group of booksale volunteers, please contact our manager Marty Paddock at 213-8755 or  You can volunteer on the day of the sale or during the month between sales.  There are many ways to help, including picking up donations, sorting, pricing, and setting up books, and assisting customers.  Volunteers get to attend our annual potluck party and free monthly gourmet lunches.
Children's Programs Change Due to Closure
Palo Alto's Children's Library is now closed and the reconstruction should start soon.  In the meantime, children's services are available at Palo Alto's four other branches.  See more information about the listings below at events and storytimes:
Children's Programs
College Terrace

Preschool Storytime, Wednesdays, 10 am


Family Storytime, January 26, 3:30 pm (and subsequent Thursdays)


Toddler Storytime, Mondays, 10 and 11 am

Preschool Storytime, Tuesdays, 10 am

Family Stories, January 11, 7 pm

Chinese Stories, January 18, 3:30 pm

Baby Storytime, January 24, 11 am (and subsequent Tuesdays)

Electrical Magic from MOAH, January 25, 3:30 pm

Special Family Storytime, February 8, 7 pm

Mitchell Park

Toddler Storytime, Fridays, 10 am

Preschool Storytime, Fridays, 11 am

Nature Stories, February 1, 7 pm

Library Survey Underway
Don't be surprised if the phone rings and someone asks you about libraries.  The City of Palo Alto is conducting a random telephone survey to determine how residents use and feel about the libraries.  About 600 people will be called at random over the next weeks for an interview lasting about fifteen minutes.  The raw results of the survey should be available within a few weeks and will be reported here.
Board Members for 2006
Here is the 2006 board of directors of the Friends of the Palo Alto Library.  Directors are elected by our members to two-year terms at our annual meeting, and also by the board when a vacancy arises.  Officers are elected to one year terms.

Wendy Akers-Ghose

Betsy Allyn

Althea Andersen

Rudy Batties

Gretchen Emmons, President Emeritus

Jeff Levinsky, President

Gerry Masteller

Bob Moss, Treasurer

Bob Otnes, Assistant Treasurer

Marty Paddock, Book Sale Manager

Margarita Quihuis, Secretary

Gloria Reade

Jim Schmidt

Martha Schmidt, Vice President

Barbara Silberling

Steve Staiger

Ellen Wyman, President Emeritus

Tom Wyman

We also want to thank Wendy Akers-Ghose for her two years as Vice President and outgoing directors John Burt, who remains as a major volunteer at our booksale, and Patricia Sohl, M.D.
This notice comes to you from the non-profit organization Friends of the Palo Alto Library.  No trees were felled in the making of this e-mail.  While the Better Business Bureau recommends that no more than 35% of a charitable organization's expenses be for management and fundraising expenses, ours were only 2.9% for our 2004-2005 fiscal year.  In other words, about 96% of the money we raised went to help Palo Alto Library users.  Visit our web site.  Become a member by joining online.

Be sure to receive your own free copy of this e-mail notice so that you'll know about all special upcoming books sales.  To sign up, just e-mail us.  We carefully protect the privacy of your e-mail address.  We will not share your e-mail address with any other organization and we will not use it for any purpose other than to send you these notices.  If you do not wish to receive these e-mail notices in the future, please reply with the words "Remove Me" in the subject line.