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9 am - 4 pm
Children's Books in K6
Bargain Books in K7

Children's books and books on parenting are in room K6, with paperbacks starting at 50 cents and hardcovers at $1.00.  In K7, which is the bargain room, any children's books are just 25 cents each, paperbacks are 50 cents, and hardcovers are $1.00.  As if that weren't low enough, bargain room books are half-priced after 12:30 pm, and then after 2 pm just $5 for each grocery bag you fill (we supply the bags).  Both rooms are in the K wing (see map).

11 am - 4 pm
Main Book Room Sale

As usual, our main room is jammed with new arrivals at prices way below what used book stores charge.  Paperbacks are 50 cents and up, and hardcovers are $1.00 and up.  You can pick up a ticket as early as 8 am to reserve your place in the line for this room that forms prior to opening, but no ticket is needed to get in.

Featured sales books for June include:

American West * Antiques
Asian Language Books
Cameras and Photography
Chinese and Japanese History
Costumes * Golf
Lladro's Catalogs
Model Railroading
Music, Dance, and Theater
Mysteries * Science Fiction
Thrillers * Videos

And much, much more!

4000 Middlefield Road
Palo Alto
Near the northwest end of the Cubberley Community Center

Room locations

More information on the sales
Donate your old books

All proceeds go to help Palo Alto libraries.

We're always eager to hear your suggestions for ways to improve our book sale.  Please email them to us at or mention them to a volunteer at the sale.
Shooting for a Record Year
We're doing everything possible to make this month's sale a big one, because we're aiming to make this a chart-busting fiscal year for the booksale.  If this upcoming sale earns $10,000 or better, total booksale income for the twelve months beginning in July 2003 will be an incredible 20% above the previous fiscal year's.  Monthly sales have already been more than $10,000 for the last several months, so we're very hopeful that we can make our goal.  All booksale proceeds go to help the Palo Alto City Library, so library users are the big winners.  Thanks to all our many volunteers, donors, customers, and supporters for keeping our sale growing and growing.

Early Sale for Members Coming in August
If you're a member of the Friends, be sure to come to our August 14th sale, as you will be admitted early to our main booksale room so that you can shop in a less-crowded fashion.  Life members can come in at 9 am and all other members will be admitted at 10 am.  That gives life members an hour or two in advance to enjoy the booksale room and find those wonderful bargains.  The main booksale room will then open at 11 am to all as usual.  If you're not a member of the Friends already, you can join online or by mail, or at the sale.
Customers become Donors become Volunteers
We do need to warn you about one possible consequence of being a booksale customer.  Sunnyvale residents Lisa Settle and John McClenny have been coming to the booksales for a couple of years and decided to stop in on Saturday, June 5, to donate some books.  When they arrived, they found the bookroom staff under a "mound of books," desperately in need of help.  Lisa says, "We were going to stay for 15 minutes.  We ended up staying for six hours!"  Lisa adds that the volunteering was a lot of fun and that John and she are thinking of volunteering some more.  Over 110 volunteers work at the booksales, either on the day of the sale or throughout the month on the myriad preparations.
Suggest a New Library Book
It only takes a minute to suggest that the library acquire a book, CD, DVD, or book on CD/tape that you would like.  According to Library Director Paula Simpson, about 60% to 70% of recommended items end up being purchased.  Paula says that the library "generally honors requests that a) meet the criteria of the Library's collection development policy, b) are currently in print, (c) are consistent with the profile of a medium-sized public-library collection, and (d) are likely to have general appeal to customers."  Expensive items are evaluated more closely, as the library's collection budget is limited.  The library will inform you by e-mail when the book is acquired so that you can immediately put a hold on it.  Click here to suggest a book right now over the Internet, or fill in the suggestion card at any library.
Summer Reading Program Begins on June 10
With summer, it's time for Palo Alto's great summer reading program for children and teenagers.  Between June 10 and August 1, sign up at any Palo Alto City Library or online by indicating how many books you want to read (or listen to, for a child who is not yet reading) by the end of August.  If you reach your goal, the library will give you during August a certificate, a coupon for a free book, a coupon for a free pizza, and other prizes.  See more information for kids up through grade 5 and older.  The summer reading program is sponsored by the Friends of the Palo Alto Library.
Help the Downtown Library Choose a Mascot
The Downtown Library is currently asking its library customers to help choose a mascot from among three candidates: Professor Chimpson, Huggy-Bear, and Linda Librarian.  You'll find ballots at the library and you can also vote for your favorite book.

Library Closes for
July 4 and 5
The Palo Alto City Library will be closed on Sunday, July 4 and Monday, July 5 for the Independence Day holiday.

This notice comes to you from the non-profit organization Friends of the Palo Alto Library.  While the Better Business Bureau recommends that no more than 35% of a charitable organization's expenses be for management and fundraising expenses, ours were only 2.4% for our 2002-2003 fiscal year.  In other words, about 98% of the money we raised went to help the Palo Alto libraries.  Visit our web site.  Become a member by joining online.

Be sure to receive your own free copy of this e-mail notice so that you'll know about all special upcoming books sales.  To sign up, just e-mail us.  We carefully protect the privacy of your e-mail address.  We will not share your e-mail address with any other organization and we will not use it for any purpose other than to send you these notices.  If you do not wish to receive these e-mail notices in the future, please reply with the words "Remove Me" in the subject line.